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digital printing

Digital Printing

This method is very similar to the transfer and four colour process printing but instead of the colours printed one at a time through screens, they are digitally printed together at the same time. The design is then cover-coated and applied by hand as a transfer. This process is perfect for small quantities with excellent photographic reproduction but is limited with certain colour preproduction.
digital printing

Four Colour Process Printing

With the process the design or logo is separated into four colour Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (Known as CMYK). The design is then printed onto water slide paper using CMYK colours before it is cover-coated and then applied by hand as a transfer. Red colours have to be printed as a separate colour and added to the design because the Magenta colour is not as strong on ceramics as it is when printed onto paper for example. This process is ideal for larger volume photographic reproduction.
total heat change

Total Heat Change

This method allows the total exterior of the mug to be spray coated with a thermo-chromic coating, the design is then applied to the mug as a Dye Sublimation print. This then gives the impression that the design is covered by the thermo coating and hot liquid is put into the mug the coating becomes transparent allowing the image or design to be revealed. When the mug cools the thermo coating returns to its solid colour and covers the design once again. A direct screen print can also be applied to the coating and this allows a message to be seen when the mug is cold.
transfer printing

Transfer Printing

In this process the design is colour separated and each colour is printed onto water slide paper. On competition of the printing, the design is then cover-coated to hold the design to the paper before application of the transfer by hand to the mug style or chosen item. This technique allows tints, tones, fine lines and tightly registered designs to be replicated with precision and control. It also allows designs and logos to be applied to a variety of products such as plates, cereal bowls and saucers as well as the base, handle and inside of any mug.
direct screen printing

Digital Screen Printing

This method allows the print to be screened directly onto the mug by the machine, it is a quick, efficient and cost effective way to decorate. The design is reproduced within a print area template, designed specifically for each mug style. It is suitable for line and solid colours, with good pantone colour matching but does have limitations when either close registration or half toning is required.
digital printing

Dye Sublimation

This method is perfect for full colour photographic images and designs that include vibrant colours. The process uses organic colour dyes and not ceramic colours and has a low firing temperature of 200 degrees. The process is perfect for low to medium quantities where bright colours are required, with quicker lead times.
pantone match process

Pantone Match

This process allows the total exterior of the mug to be spray coated to a pantone reference to leave a high quality finish. Organic colours are used for both the spraying and the decoration and therefore a lower firing temperature of 200 degrees is required. The mug can only be direct screen printed. Our minimum order quantity is only 72 mugs.